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Momiji Manju

宮島口のお土産情報 宮島御砂焼き
There are many variations of Momiji manju.
Different stores have different manju and they are unique.
For example;
“Maccha(Green tea) Momiji(with chestnut)”-Misen Honpo Iwamura-,
“Strawberry milk”-Daishindou-,
“Mojio(Salt) Momiji”-Yamadaya-.
“Haru-komachi” “Konatsu momiji” “Kuri momiji (chestnut)” “Yuki momiji”
These four manju’s are sold at Okinadou. It is a season special manju so you only can buy it at that season.

Craft Miyajima Osunayaki

宮島口のお土産情報 宮島御砂焼き
The people of Akiguni(Old name of the west side of Hiroshima) has kept the sand from the Itsukushima shrine with them during their travel as a safety amulet.
When they came back they made vessels with the sand which was the start of Miyajima Osuna yaki.
The Osuna yaki is using the original color to make it natural.
Restaurants are using it too.
Shops in Miyajima-guchi called “Kawahara Geneidou” “Kawahara Keisaigama” “Yamane Taigendou”. They are the pottery’s that keep the tradition.

You can try painting the vessels and making the vessels.
Children can easily do it too so families can enjoy it.
It takes about a hour to make it. The vessels can be sent in about 10~14days.
In the autumn time you may have to make reservations about 2~3months before you come.
Please ask for more information.

■ Kawahara Geneidou TEL0829(56)0238
◎ Painting tour(need reservation
■ Kawahara Keisaigama TEL 0829(56)0038
◎ Painting tour, making tour(need reservation)
■ Yamane taigendou TEL 090(5709)1775
web http://taigendo.jp
◎ Painting tour(no need reservation) *during when it is open
Making tour(need reservation)

Craft Wooden spoon(shamoji)

宮島口のお土産情報 杓子
It is used everyday so we make it more usable, smoother.
The wooden spoon has been polished by different kinds of file.
If you take good care of it, it will last for more than 10years.

epilo えぴろ
Kumamoto wooden spoon factory