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Miyajimaguchi Gourmet information Anago(Conger)
The Anago(conger) Bento is very delicious and easy to take with you during your trip.
Having it in the ferry or eat it with a friend at Miyajima seeing the nice view.
The bento is delicious when its made, but it is also good after a while.
Some costumers prefers bento because the Anago and rice gets mixed and the taste gets stronger. Another reason why the bento is good is that the wrapping paper is unique. The design was made back in the “Meiji Era”(1901~) and is reprinted. The Other wrapping (Motif of Miyajima) is made by the “Fujinoya”.

Miyajimaguchi Gourmet information Small sardine
Setonai sea is famous from Anago(conger), Oyster and small sardine.
“Small sardine” is called “Katakuchi Iwashi” around in Hiroshima.
Every June is the beginning of the fishing.
The most delicious way to have it is sashimi. It is very tasty and there is a quote says “Wash it seven times and it will taste like red snapper(high-quality fish in Japan)”.
Have it with ginger soy sauce or mustard miso. There are also tempura, grilled and nanban pickled to have it other than sashimi. It is a local cuisine in Hiroshima. Have a try it in restaurants.


The night of Miyajimaguchi is making a sudden change.
There is Italian restaurant to have pasta, pizza and wine.
You also can enjoy Galette and cocktails in a Cafe dinning bar.